Winchester .32 Automatic Colt.

Hong Kong-born illustrator and comic book artist.


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Photo Courtesy of Comics Alliance The Stalk Mohawk Storm Batgirl SUPER FRIENDS did I stutter, Mr. J? Juggernaut and Arnold

NYCC 2013 round-up! Big thank you to everyone who stopped by and commissioned me. I think I may have taken on a little too many as I found myself working to get them done at 5 AM on Saturday morning (thanks jetlag) but I hope everyone was happy with what they got! Especially the guy who commissioned Arnold and the Juggernaut. 

I tabled next to artists and friendly ladies, Stacey Lee and Cryssy Cheung this year. Another huge thank you to them and their friends who made me feel so welcome, fed me food and watched my booth when I was away.

And thank you to Kevin Church for the great portrait on ComicsAlliance!


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