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Hong Kong-born illustrator and comic book artist.


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A little bit of fanart for Yaz’s comic Saint’s Way. This is the lovely Jordan or “Citizen III” but why are you reading this you should be reading the comic GEE WHIZ

This is so pretty and the best thing to wake up to at 7 AM (ever)! Thank you so much, Kay. :)

Sketch request #2 for chiroptophobia who requested Donna Troy.


Yaz let me colour her lines, and this is the final result! I know it sounds like i’m exaggerating when i say she taught me how to draw in that I am merely implying her mastery but she actually gave me lessons and helped slowly wean me away from furries and made comics look cool by association! And her lines are amazing because she actually knows anatomy and composition and all that shit because she is going to be a famous artist! end fannish rambling

Abloo, bloo bloo, what are you doing, why are you saying such  nice things about me? This was so much fun mostly because I only had to do half the work (I’m really lazy). Three cheers for teamwork. Also, the e-mails exchanged concerning this are mostly us just yelling at each other in all capitals, apologizing for our work and general existence. Artists are hilarious!

That said, Nic is awesome and should feel awesome. I am so glad you stopped drawing furries.

Whoosh! I just felt like drawing Chell.

Here’s a clue as to where I will be spending the next week. I bet you’ll never guess!

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