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Hong Kong-born illustrator and comic book artist.


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Graphic Policy have been interviewing Women of BOOM! Studio recently. Here I am, as the 18th woman. Read what I have to say over here.

All that said, I’m actually taking a break from the daily grind of comic book work for a while to take care of my health. I’ll be back soon.

star trek #30; the amazing moment when the two Uhuras facepalm together because of their nerdy vulcan boyfriend/girlfriend

Very much a favourite page to work on here. 

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star trek ongoing #030 (art by yasmin liang)

Dammit, Jane!

Star Trek OngoIng #30 is out this Wednesday! I wish I had more time on this book, I feel like I only just hit my stride on this issue. More preview pages can be found at

Good god your designs were all gorgeous!


Thank you! I was very nervous about doing an “official” gender-swap. Everyone has their own interpretations. I’m glad I more or less pulled it off. :)

My initial drawings for Star Trek #29 and #30! Cat Stagg handled Kirk and Spock, which left me with the gender-swapped crew. Much fun was had. Kevin Church interviews Mike Johnson and me about the issue over at Comics Alliance,  We talk about what went into it and how much I dislike Simon Pegg’s skull.

Dr. Lea “Bones” McCoy

Love the background. I am very much enjoying the appreciation for our Lady Bones.

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Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk’s ponytail goes up when shit goes down.

Star Trek Ongoing #29

The “business time” pony-tail was my idea! :) What a great image-set.

I like warm hugs!

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