Winchester .32 Automatic Colt.

Hong Kong-born illustrator and comic book artist.


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In four words, how would you describe Batman & Alfred's familiar relationship?


I can do it in two: Father, son.

Are you taking commissions right now? If so for how much?


I do take commissions, private or commercial. Of course, the price depends on what you would like drawn and how. There’s nothing wrong with e-mailing me and letting me know what you’d like for a quick quote. You can e-mail me at

I keep forgetting that you draw Saint's Way! I finally found the webcomic page in my favorites after months of searching for it! :)


Alas, I think it is safe to say that I won’t be working on Saint’s Way anymore. Thank you so much for reading it though!

Mera, Queen of Atlantis, must have an extensive wardrobe. I couldn’t just design one outfit, I had to have under-water formal, land formal and another suit because … because Mera.

Lineart for my variant cover on Red Sonja #14

Bleeding Cool has posted the August solicitations for Dynamite comics, along with my variant cover for Red Sonja #14!

Been staring at this for a hundred years now. #wip

Graphic Policy have been interviewing Women of BOOM! Studio recently. Here I am, as the 18th woman. Read what I have to say over here.

All that said, I’m actually taking a break from the daily grind of comic book work for a while to take care of my health. I’ll be back soon.

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